Managed Print Services vs. Self-Served Printers: Which is More Cost Effective?

Managed Print Services vs. Self-Served Printers

Businesses of all sizes are always looking for ways to become more cost effective and save
money. One area where this can be done is by evaluating your office copier strategy –
specifically, whether using managed print services or self-serve copiers is more cost effective.
It’s easy to assume that having a managed service will be an expensive way of meeting your
print and copier requirements, so read on and we’ll explore what the costs really look like
compared to one another.

Self-serve copiers are, as the name suggests, copiers that you purchase outright and then
maintain and service yourselves. This usually means paying for toner and service calls as and
when they’re needed. On the face of it, this might seem like the cheaper option – but copiers
bought outright are usually significantly more expensive than those provided by managed print
services. This is because providers can buy copiers at a much reduced rate and then pass on
these savings to their customers.

When you factor in the cost of toner and service calls, managed print services are usually the
more cost effective solution – especially when you consider that providers will often include
these in the price of their service. So, if you’re looking to save money on your office copier
requirements, a managed print service is likely to be the best option. Here’s comparison for

Self service example for one of our most popular copiers over 3 years:

TonerBlack & White (20,000 copies
per year )
TonerCYM (20,00 copies per year)£5,600
ServiceCall Outs – Average 4 per
Per month over 3 years£196.00

Smart Office Solution equivalent on a managed service agreement would cost you £65.00 per
month* and represents a saving of 67% per device! Plus, you’ll have peace of mind
that down time will be at a minimum as it will become our job to ensure your device is
operational at all times and unlike many manufacturers we guarantee we’ll be with you in 4
hours to resolve any issues.

Of course, there are other factors to consider when choosing a copier strategy – but from a
purely cost perspective, managed print services are usually the most effective solution. So, if
you’re looking to save money on your office copiers, it’s definitely worth considering a managed

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