Executive search agency Odgers Berndtson use Sharp MFDs and PaperCut Print Management software supplied by Smart Office Solutions. The integrated solution simplifies operation and provides control over the print environment. Employees can release and collect work from any Sharp device. Intelligent print rules reduce waste. The solution has transformed the print infrastructure and is saving Odgers Berndtson money.

Odgers Berndtson is the UK’s pre-eminent executive search firm. Established for more than 40 years, the firm helps private and public sector organisations recruit high calibre people for senior management roles. Odgers Berndtson has seven offices and a team of 350 people in the UK It also has an international presence in over 50 cities worldwide.

The firm recently consolidated its London operation, moving staff from three locations to a prestigious new headquarters overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral. Visitors are impressed with the modern office and the stunning view it affords over the nearby cathedral. The open-plan workplace stimulates a vibrant and co-operative work culture.

The Challenge

Odgers Berndtson reappraised the effectiveness of its print infrastructure prior to the office move. Like many organisations, the firm used a mixed bag of equipment which had been supplied over time by different vendors. Printers dotted around the office offered limited functionality and produced output of indifferent quality. Little control was exercised over document security or cost.

The firm was keen to establish a more efficient and collaborative business environment. They wanted to do so by reducing the complexity of the print infrastructure. This meant introducing workflow tools simplifying support in order to improve security and reduce cost. Print quality was also a concern with the firm anxious to present a consistent and professional image to its clients.

“We wanted to drive cultural change. Sharing print resources encouraged collaborative working.”

The Solution – Papercut Print Management Software

Independent print consultants, Smart Office Solutions, worked with Odgers Berndtson in the six-month period leading up to the office move. Smart Office Solutions assumed responsibility for the existing infrastructure. They provided service and support for the legacy systems whilst developing an optimised solution for Odgers Berndtson’s new headquarters.

Sharp multifunctional devices (MFDs) were selected ahead of alternative print technologies. This was because they combine versatile functionality with outstanding image quality, all at an affordable price. With their Open Systems Architecture (OSA), the Sharp MFDs could also be used as a platform for an integrated print management solution, PaperCut.

“There’s no waste. Work is collected upon release. Nothing is ever left waiting by a printer.”

PaperCut provides control over the print environment. The software provides a simple user interface which is accessed via the control panel of the Sharp MFDs. Quickly authenticating themselves with their company identification card at a Sharp MFD, users can release and collect print. Furthermore, they can access scanning features, send fax messages and make copies.

The solution was tested prior to the move. In a ‘trial by fire’, 16 legacy print devices were removed from a busy office. These were replaced with two PaperCut-enabled Sharp MFDs. The trial proved an overwhelming success. Odgers Berndtson’s employees found the solution easy to use. Thus they were happy to swap personal printers for a more versatile, shared resource.

The Benefits of Papercut Print Management Software

There is no desktop clutter in Odgers Berndtson’s new headquarters. All personal printers have been removed. Employees share communal ‘office centres’ which are equipped with Sharp MFDs running PaperCut print management software. Eleven Sharp MFDs replaced more than 70 legacy devices. This saved space and simplified the document infrastructure.

The PaperCut software streamlines operation and establishes governance. Rather than print to a specific device, users can release their work at any of the Sharp MFDs. ‘Find me’ proximity printing protects document security and reduces waste. Every document is owned. Print jobs are automatically purged if they are not released within 24 hours.

“We’ve seen a dramatic reduction in help desk calls. Our IT support staff are able to devote more time to management.”

Intelligent print rules help maintain quality and control cost. By default, documents are printed black-and-white, two-sided, on regular paper. If work needs to be printed in colour or on premium paper, users can easily override the default settings. Pantone support ensures that the Sharp MFDs consistently replicate the colours of Odgers Berndtson’s logo.

The new document infrastructure requires minimal IT support. The robust, high-capacity MFDs share common consumables and a unified print driver. Smart Office Solutions maintain the equipment and replenish supply items. PaperCut provides detailed usage reports which allow Odgers Berndtson to monitor individual machine performance and allocate print costs.