De Lucy Primary School is a community school in the London Borough of Greenwich. It caters for children from 3 – 11 years of age. Smart Office provided their London School Multifunctional Devices. Read their success story here!

It was opened in 1959 as separate Junior, Infant and Nursery Schools. In 1983 the two Schools merged under the Head Teacher from the Junior School. In the last few years, the school has undergone considerable refurbishment. The Foundation Stage now has a new and exciting garden which they call their ‘outdoor classroom’. They have a new pond area to help with the practical teaching of science. Both of the playgrounds have been colourfully re-marked to assist in providing lunchtime games and activities. There is also now a new ‘decked’ area for ‘quiet’ activities in the warmer weather.

They have had three new rooms built to give them more space. This is particularly for working with groups of children. All classes now have Interactive White Boards to make lessons more interactive and fun. They also have a modern and well-equipped ICT suite to help prepare children for the future. All the classrooms have had new furniture, carpets and toilets.

Also, very importantly, many new resources have been purchased. This is to promote exciting and fun learning for all their children.

De Lucy’s mission statement is “High Achievement in a Caring Community”. This reflects the aims of their school.

What De Lucy wants to achieve;

1. De Lucy School aims to prepare every child with a broad and balanced education that will benefit them throughout life.

2. The school believes everyone should be treated with respect and consideration. They should be sensitive to the needs of others.

3. They aim to create a calm, caring environment in which all members feel happy, safe and welcomed.

4. The staff aims to create strong links with parents/carers and become partners with them in their children’s learning.

5. They aim to reflect the diverse multicultural nature of society through the learning environment, resources, events and displays.

6. De Lucy believes that every child should have equal access to the curriculum. This is regardless of gender, ethnicity, faith and special needs.

7. They aim to foster the spiritual, social and cultural development of each and every child.

What Needed to be Changed?

Like many Schools, De Lucy Primary School extends a free and unlimited print service to its staff and pupils. Whilst crucial to the education process, there was concern within the School about the effectiveness of the existing equipment. In turn, there was the concern around the environmental impact of growing print and copying volumes. The School contacted a number of suppliers. They were looking for a resolution that would combine photocopying and printing. It also had to be easy for both staff and pupils manage. Over six months, one such supplier, Smart Office Solution, conducted a consultancy service free of charge. This involved weekly meetings to comfort our School. Over the years De Lucy had been misguided and ill-advised.

How Did Smart Office Solution Help with De Lucy’s School Multifunctional Devices?

So, that was when Smart Office Solution stepped in and took out an extensive site survey. They calculated print demand and reviewed existing print costs. Additionally, they interviewed staff and the Board of Governors about their needs and expectations. Whilst other suppliers proposed installing a large fleet of printing devices, Smart Office Solution recommended supplying a full range of products with multi-functional capability.

The Result

Due to the advanced, new technology that Smart Office Solution provides, we only needed to install a few School Multifunctional Devices. This proved popular with the staff and freed up much needed and valuable space in the office. The new machines are fast and easy to use and they also help with cost management. This is because each member of staff has their own code. This way, it is simple to keep track of who has printed what. During the instalment process, Smart Office Solution ensured that all staff were still able to continue working without interruption. “We have also found their aftercare service to be particularly efficient. Any problem we have had has been resolved within a matter of hours. Finally, I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anybody.”

“We estimate that we will achieve a 20% reduction in copying volume, dramatically reducing our carbon footprint”

Linda Cowen, Head Mistress